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Day 8 (21-5-2002)
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With still no hope on the plains todays, we leave heading further north for Casper Wyoming, remembering the long term forecast is looking good for the next day on the plains. There is a weather front that hit the west coast the day before and will be coming over the mountains today.
Keeping to the right hand side of Denver, Colorado to avoid getting held up in traffic. What I find amazing is the vastness of America, you can go for miles without seeing anything or anyone. If you were to break down you could be there for a long time before someone came along. Click on me
Another state border crossing, this time for Wyoming this makes six states we have been in so far. Click on me
We pass though a town called Cheyenne Wyoming (picture to the right) and join onto the I-25, you can always make good time on an interstate roads. Click on me
We could see the Cu starting to build up and we pulled into a rest area 15 miles east of Casper. Click on me
The front of the cell come over in a bow shape as if there had been an explosion somewhere and it had just been pushed out from it. Looking up at the cell you could see parts of it rotating, but there wasn't everything there thats was need for a tornado, I measured a inflow of 60mph.
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After the cell had moved on we got back into the car and headed back east, stopping for fuel in Douglas, we all went into the garage to pick up something to eat, then set off after the cell. Ten miles down the round I asked Tom how much I owed him for fuel, we both thought each other had paid for the fuel when in fact nether of us had. We then had to turn around go back and I went in and ate humble pie to the lady behind the counter.
Back into the car and back down the road we had been before. We followed the cell up to hot springs and over the border into South Dakota, we then called it a night as we needed to be down in Kansas the next day, so we headed for Ogallala Nebraska. On the way back we tried a short cut which look all fine until the tarmac ended and we had ten miles down a gravel track to get back onto a road. Click on me
We where then treated to a two hour lightning show as we drove down to Ogallala. Click on me
We turned up at he Big Western at Ogallala Nebraska at 1am in the morning after traveling 850+ miles. Click on me

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