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Day 5 (18-5-2002)
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The lack of weather in Tornado Alley has forced us to head into New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Not where we would really like to be, but we all agree some weather is better than none.
We leave Amarillo Texas on the SR-87 heading north west towards Raton New Mexico. Click on me
As we get to Raton, we can see clouds to our north, we head over the border towards Trinidad Colorado. On the way we are treated to a lightning storm over the mountains to our left. Click on me
We then spotted another cell to the north, which we tracked up though Trinidad and off to the east. As you can see from the photo on the right those do look angry clouds! Click on me
The storm had potential and there was loads of updraft. Click on me
In several places. Click on me
As this started to come down we all thought we would have a tornado, we all stood in the gust front of 45 mph as it started to reach the ground it dispersed. Click on me

Map of route
18th Map