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Day 4 (17-5-2002)
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We leave Woodward heading towards Shamrock Texas, as there is a data point there and slight chance of something happening west.
On the way we pass though a little town called Shattuck Oklahoma, where they had a field full of wind pumps, it was a memorial to the founders of the west. Click on me
Five more miles down the road we pass over the border into Texas. We pulled into the service area at Shamrock Texas, jumped out of the car and went into truck drivers rest room, yet again we couldn't connected, after doing a bit more homework it seems the phones in these area's only allow toll free numbers or charge card calls. So we decided to push on and get to the Big Texan early. Click on me
Click on me We arrived at the Big Texan early so went into the restaurant have a steak meal, they do have an offer on, if you can eat a 72oz steak within a hour you can have it free, I don't think I could manage 72oz's in a day, let alone a hour! There is also a big chair in there, I'll try and get a picture tomorrow before we leave. We then booked into our room so we could log onto the internet and see what was happening. Click on me
After having a chat over the internet to back home, we looked at the data and there was a small cell forming in north New Mexico and it was heading south east, we would have preferred something a bit bigger but it was a quiet day today, we grab our camera equipment, jumped into the car and headed east. Click on me
2 hours later and 120 miles further down the road we pulled into the side of the road only to see the cell die on us, in the words of a storm chaser it was a bust day so we turned around and headed back to the Big Texan. Click on me

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