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Day 15 (28-5-2002)
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Nothing much was being announced for today, so we decided to vacate the Econo Motel at Abilene, Texas. and find a hookup somewhere for the laptop and see what was happening.
Click on me We pulled into a truck stop, I popped inside and noticed phones in the food area. I asked if it would be ok to plug my laptop in, he said unfortunately the lines weren't connected yet and pointed me in the direction of the TA just down the road. There we had a lovely meal and hung around for a few hours checking out the weather. Click on me
It was here I got as close as I've ever been to a twister! Unfortunately it was a drink, but it did taste nice! We then logged back on and there was a cell following the Texas / Mexico border. As it was our last day we decided to go for it and drove south knowing we needed to be in Oklahoma the next day. Click on me
On the way down to south Texas, we keep getting kamikaze insects hitting the window. When we finally stopped on the side of the road we came across on of the inhabitants of this region, needless to say I'm glad it was dead. Click on me
Although we saw a a lovely super cell and a tail coming from the end of it with the sun behind it nothing came out of this. If we had had the time to stay we would have seen another thunderstorm, but time was against us. So I'm sad to call it our third bust day! Click on me

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