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Day 14 (27-5-2002)
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Leaving the Days Inn at Amerillo, we head south again back to Abilene Texas.
This time we went down on the US-287 and then onto US-62. In the picture to the right you'll see that even the trains are bigger in this country! Click on me
We then fill up the vehicle and ourselves at a filling station on the way. As we approach Amerillo we realize the action is going to be further south than first thought. Click on me
Click on me About 50 miles south of Amerillo Texas near a town called Balling we park up and wait for the storm to arrive. Click on me
Reports start coming in on the weather radio of the possibility of golf ball hail, so playing it safe we find a bridge to park under and sit and wait. We didn't have to wait long before we were treated to another good lightning show, at one time it was almost like a strobe light. Unfortunately no hail! Click on me
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Map of route
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