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Day 13 (26-5-2002)
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We leave the Super 8 at Abilene Texas and head north.
All reports are for the Amerillo area so we drive up through Lubbock, passing by several pumps. Click on me
The weather radio confirms a storm would be approaching later so we booked into a Days Inn at Amerillo. That gave us the chance of using the phone line in the room for the internet. Click on me
Heading off, the sky started to look angry again. Click on me
Punching ourselves through a curtain of heavy rain and light hail so we could get to the right side of the storm. Unfortunately that was all the storm was going to produce for us today. It's a reminder to all chasers that you end up with a lot of days where you don't see much. Click on me
Click on me We stopped on the side of the road and got some nice pictures of mamma cloud with a rainbow coming down from it.. Click on me
Click on me By now, we were 60 miles away for the motel that we booked into, the same motel Tom had decided to leave his suitcase in (Steve and I had fortunately keep our cases with us). I bought Tom a tooth brush, and assured him that he would see his case again some day. Click on me
On the way back to the motel we drove back though Pampa Texas, which was hit by a F5 Tornado in June 8th 1995. Click on me

Map of route
26th Map