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Day 10 (23-5-2002)
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Storms are supposed to come up from south west Oklahoma heading north east, out plan it to head south, log on and see where the line is.
We leave the Super 8 Motel and the laughter, heading down the US-81. Click on me
We call into Newell's restaurant (we call it charlies bar, as thats the name of the owner), to log on and have some food at the same time. We managed to connect his time as since last time we found out there is a 1-800 number for AOL (they charge you a bit more for it, but at least you can connect). Click on me
The plan was to head south and sit there and wait for the storm to come passed. But data shows the storm that was heading north east was further than we had expected. So instead we head out west and wait, the storm comes across but nothing like we had hoped (later we found out they had just faded away), we move a little more west and then south, we are now in the middle of no where, not even the weather radio can pick up a signal. Remembering we had come across a garage at Alva Oklahoma earlier in the week with a weather computer in the corner we start to head for that. Click on me
A report then comes in on the car radio of a tornadic storm coming up out of Texas heading for woodward. We arrive Woodward Oklahoma, book in to the same motel we had been to earlier in the week and wait. It's amazing really, here we are in a massive country and today We have been back to two places that we we have already visited. We log onto the internet from the motel room, see the storm coming up on radar. Rushing round grabbing all our camera equipment out of the car, setting tripods up, making sure film and tape was loaded (so far I've loaded my SLR camera only to find out the film wasn't wound on, and I hadn't got any photo's). The weather radio then goes of, and we are treated to another wonderful storm. Click on me
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