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Day 1 (14-5-2002)
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The day start early, with everyone waking up just after 4am (local time), unfortunately it works out to 10am UK time, but no one has bothered to tell our bodies we are in fact in Tornado Alley!
After looking at the data we decide there was a slight chance of lightning to the west tonight so we decide it's a good time to go and visit the Severe Prediction Center. When we get there we find out that they no longer do tours due to September 11th. So we settle for a quick look round the photo gallery. Click on me
Tom decides to hold a ball. Click on me
But everyone decided it was pants. Click on me
So we hop into our car, wave goodbye to Oklahoma City and set off for Liberal, Kansas. Click on me
At 1pm we start looking for a phone line to hook up the laptop to, unfortunately we are in the middle of nowhere and it's a hard job finding a town, let along a phone line. We then see a sign for a Burger King in a town called Woodward, Oklahoma. Tom tells us they have phone sockets at the tables, not this one! After asking at 2 more fast food placing we are directed towards the local library on main street. They didn't have a phone line for the laptop, but after telling them we are storm chasers they did allow us to use a computer. After looking at the latest data, the chance of lightning to the west had died. Click on me
so we decided to look ahead and south Kanas looks good for tomorrow and maybe Thursday. Click on me
We end up at the Super 8 Hotel in Dodge City, Kansas for the night. Click on me

Map of route
14th Map