Personal Profile
Name: Steve Smithson
Location: Colcherster, Essex, England
Profession: Acoustics Engineer
Hobbies: Storm Chasing, Computing & Music.
Main weather:
Tornadoes, Lightning and Hail.
Equipment used:
Sony Hi8 Video Camera (or whatever I can get hold of).
Minolta Dynax SLR 35mm.
lightning film:
I prefer video shots.
Equipment used:
Top Storm:
Chasing Moment:
May 28th 1998!!! Medford OK - First Tornado, 2 1/4 inch hail and a lightning bolt that struck telephone poles both sides of the road 50 yards away all within an hour!!!
Storm Chasing:
Wish List:
To become a member of the "Mile Wide" club and to witness 5 inch hail.