Personal Profile
Name: Peter Scott
Location: Brentwood,Essex,England
Profession: BT Engineer
Hobbies: Stormchasing, Photography,
Webmaster of
Main weather:
Lightning, timelapse photography, cloud structure,tornado's & damaging hail.
Equipment used:
Sony trv950 (webcam), Sony HVR-Z7 High Def video camera,
Canon EOS 5Dmk2, >Canon EOS 7D.
lightning film:
RAW Digital
Equipment used:
Macbook, Strike alert lightning detector,
Kestrel 3500 weather station, 3G mobile internet
Top Storm:
Chasing Moment:
Seeing a funnel cloud over standsted.
Storm chasing with Cloud9 Tours.
Going to the States chasing with friends from UkStorm.
Storm Chasing:
Wish List:
To see & Video a destructive Tornado in the UK & receive some decent sponsorship from a big photographic company like Canon.