Personal Profile
Name: James Banham
Location: East Anglia, England
Profession: Field Service Engineer
Hobbies: Storm Chasing
Amateur Radio - M0UKS (member of NARC)
Webmaster of UkStorm
Main weather:
Tornadoes, Lightning & Hail.
Equipment used:
Panasonic GS400 & GS120 (both 3CCD).
Canon 300D.
Canon 350D.
Canon Ixus S400.
Equipment used:
Fixed weather station, Oregan wm918 (wx200).
Laptop - Sony Viao (with 3G dongle).
Two Lightning detectors, Skyscan and a Strike Alert. Kestrel 4000
. Cheap AM radio (handy for hearing storms coming).
Kenwood TM-D710 with AVMap for amateur radio.
Top Storm:
Chasing Moment:
Lightning - U.S.A. 2002 & 2004.
Tornado & Hail - U.S.A. 2005.
Storm Chasing:
Wish List:
To see (and Video) a F4 or F5!