UK Storm Chasing. Warning: Storm Chasing can be potentially dangerous! If you don't know what you are doing we advise you do not do it!
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Video Clips

All Video clips have been recorded as small as possible to minimise download times for modem users. Higher quality clips may be available on a cd if we get enough interest.
To give you some idea of download times, on a 28K modem it takes 6 minutes to download 1M.

  • Funnel Cloud (2M) Nr. Harleston (Suffolk), 3rd Aug 2000. (
    Comments: poor Picture due to angle and rain, if you play in reverse (fast) you can just see the rotation.
    Recorded on a Sony HI8.

  • Funnel Cloud / Tornado, part 1 (3.4M), at Forncett (S Norfolk), 16th June 2001. (
  • Funnel Cloud / Tornado, Rotating cloud mass, part 2 (5.6M), at Forncett (S Norfolk), 16th June 2001. (
    Comments: part 2 is recorded a few minutes later further down the road, play fast and watch that rotation in those clouds! Also keep an eye out for a strike on the right hand side.
    Recorded on a Sony Digital8.

    N.B. If you wish to use any of these video clips, or see them on VHS tape.
    please contact the copyright holder for arrangements / availabilty.